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Greg du Toit is an 8th generation African born in South Africa in 1977, and has lived and worked in four different African countries. Before completing his tertiary education in Nature Conservation, he went to live permanently in the African bush.
His work has hung in the London and Sydney Natural History Museums and his fine art collections have travelled the globe with exhibits having been hosted in New York, Singapore and London. His work is widely published in magazines including Africa Geographic and the BBC Wildlife Magazine and he regularly clinches awards in the most prestigious photographic competitions in the world and was named the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013.
“Just Jump In” is a highly original presentation that includes a literal feast of unbelievable wildlife imagery as the photographer shares his extensive knowledge of one of Africa’s wildest regions, deep within the heart of Kenya’s Maasailand. Audiences are offered insight into the patience, passion, commitment and dedication that it takes for a wildlife photographer in the 21st century to capture truly unique imagery.
Refreshing, superbly humorous and highly visual, he details an incredibly dangerous pursuit, that not only inspires, motivates and WOW’s audiences the world over, but that also lead to a sell-out National Geographic exhibition in London.
Please note that Greg will be selling both of his books at the meeting. They are “African Wildlife Exposed” at R1200 and “Photo Tips – getting it right in camera” at R800, or if you buy both the special price is R1500. However, he is offering a 50% discount for us so those prices will be halved. To see the books on line, go to link describing each book and the usual retail price: http://www.gregdutoit.com/index.php?page=photography_books
Unfortunately he does not have a card machine and will take cash only. He will also not have change.


Alex Harris – The Dirty Thirsty – the first unsupported crossing of the Arabian Desert 
Alex Harris is an athlete whose interests are as varied as they are unique. He has been climbingmountains for two decades and  has led more than 20 expeditions to some of the furthest corners of the  planet. In 1996, Alex resigned from a career in sales and followed his passion for exploration.  Alex finally succeeded. Within the year he led his first expedition to Mount Everest. He has climbed the seven summits, the highest mountains on all seven continents, and has led expeditions to both the north and the south side of Everest. He is also a multiple South African track cycling champion and in 2006 won a silver medal at the World Masters track cycling champs. On the 17th of January 2008, Alex became the first African to walk unsupported to the South Pole, a journey that took 65 days and covered almost 1200km.
One of the last great adventure problems was to cross the Rub Al Khali, or Empty Quarter as the Arabs call it, unsupported and on foot. Known commonly as the Arabian Desert, it is the hottest and most hostile of all the worlds deserts, and splits the Arabian Peninsula in two. While virtually everyone said this project would be impossible, Alex and a small team set out to prove them wrong. In February and March of 2013, Alex finally succeed after three years of planning to cross the Rub unsupported. The journey took 40 days and covered 1210kms.
This is the story of overcoming impossible odds. Specifically, how to plan and strategize when the goal is complex, challenging in every sense and has never been done before. This talk highlights the importance of ruthless discipline in an environment that takes no prisoners. Finally, Alex relates how critical it was to be positive and encouraging as a leader when things were taking a turn for the worse.

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