January 2018 General Meeting

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January speaker – Clare Appleyard “Why you’ve already broken your new year resolutions”

With a strong academic background in high school, a Master’s Degree in Geology and a corporate job at De Beers, Clare thought she had life figured out. Until, one day, she had a nervous breakdown.  Through the power of her own mind, she managed to stress herself out so badly she landed up in hospital. How did life go so wrong? Clare realized that for all the knowledge taught at school and university, education short-changes students on a few basic principles – human behaviour and the power of the mind. For the last 11 years Clare has become a student of personal development and human behaviour, learning and developing key skills to motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

Human beings are fascinating. At the end of each year, we sit down and pencil a list of resolutions, vowing that this coming year will be our best year yet. This is the year that we’ll lose weight, eat healthily, exercise more, save more, be happier, be richer, be more successful – the list goes on. But, by the middle of January, we’ve reverted to our old habits. We’re still eating the unhealthy food, the gym membership is a distant memory, we’re too scared to check our bank account and well, happiness is just a pipe dream, isn’t it?  It’s not that we don’t want to change – we do, but something holds us back. Once we learn how our brain works, we can programme it to help us succeed in achieving our goals. Join us as we uncover the tricks your mind plays on you and how to overcome them.



November speaker was Richard Nwamba – “Cape Verde Through Song”

JRichard Nwamba is a writer, actor, musician and a broadcaster.

He started his broadcasting career in 1995 and still presents the ever-popular “The African Connection with Richard Nwamba” on Saturdays from 13:00 – 15:00. Richard has released several compilation CDs of African music and contributed articles on African music for publications such as Sawubona, The Islander, Rootz Africa and Songlines (UK). He occasionally gives lectures on African music at universities such as the University of Pretoria, Rhodes University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and other institutions such as The Museum of Asian Civilisations in Singapore.

He is currently a Master of Arts candidate at the University of Witwatersrand for a dissertation alled “Moribo wa Afrika: The Challenges of Broadcasting the Music of the Rest of Africa in South Africa Before and After 1994”.

In 2015, he joined Channel Africa where he presents a music show called “Africa in Song”. Richard has been married to Melinda since 16 September 1983 and they have four children. Today Richard will chronicle the history of Cape Verde from the time of the arrival of the Portuguese, and will explain how the music of the islands that form the archipelago of Cape Verde – Coladera, Morna, Funana, Batuku and Bandera – came to be so different.

He also talked about the connection between Portuguese folk music, fado, and Cape Verdean music.


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