June 2017 General Meeting

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May speaker:  Dr Graeme Codrington- an internationally recognised futurist who specialises in the future of work, has helped companies across the world to understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years. He has five degrees, five best selling books and lectures at five international universities including London Business School and Duke. But don’t worry; he’s not a boring academic! He brings a personal factor to his talks, as a family man and proud contributor to the community.


May speaker: Sue Green – JOY Dogs

Sue Green has owned Old English Sheepdogs for 37 years and been associated with Dulux for twenty years. Oscar, the O in JOY, is featured in the current TV advert. She started JOY Dogs in 2011, giving responsible pet ownership presentations to schools. The last two years she has focused on old-aged homes, institutions and senior church groups.

Sue will speak about the JOY Dogs and their work, interesting facts about the breed, and will have a display of products made from their hair. She currently collects the hair from their grooming and has learnt to spin it on a spinning wheel, making beanies, scarves and blankets. She hopes to bring a wheel to demonstrate. She makes soft toys and has written a children’s book about the dogs.

She will have her dogs with her and they will show off the tricks they have learnt including reading and counting. She is quite happy for the audience to take photos.

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