February the 5th 2019 Next GENERAL MEETING
February speaker: Jonathan Leeming
BiteMe! Medically important spiders and their bites
Date: Tuesday 5 February 2019
Time: 09.30 for 10.00
Cost: Monthly attendance – R100 for members, R120 if not pre-booked
R150 for guests.
A required name badge will cost an additional R70
Venue: Bryanston Country Club, Bryanston Drive, Bryanston
Booking: Please print your name on the booking sheet for the February 2019
meeting. If you missed it when the sheet was handed around during the
talk, you can sign at the Hospitality Table on the way out. Alternatively,
Bookings can be made until 5pm on Wednesday 31st January to Engelie
Jansen Van Vuuren via SMS 082 558 1253 or e-mail at
Cancellations: Must be made by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the General Meeting;
otherwise you will be required to pay in full
 Understanding medically important spiders and their bites, is like wading through a
hodgepodge of internet hoaxes, old wives tales, misinformation, fact, scientific
literature and spider bite misdiagnosis. Deciphering fact from fiction is an almost
impossible task.
Bite Me! is an exploration of our current understanding of medically important spiders
and their bites. Through an examination of our values and beliefs, the context of
scientific literature, misdiagnosis of spider bites and media portrayal, and the
medically important spiders themselves, Bite Me! clears away misinformation and
presents the subject in an entertaining and easy to understand way.
Bite Me! is guaranteed to entertain and educate


8January speaker was: Nayashen Naidoo
The Mental and Physical Benefits of Martial Arts

Thank you for this spiritual and practical talk

Venue: Bryanston Country Club, Bryanston Drive, Bryanston
Nayashen Naidoo has been involved in Martial arts for 23 years
studying 8 different styles of Martial Arts. He is a 7th generation
Kung Fu instructor and teaches the Kung Fu styles of Tai Chi
and Baguazhang. His passion lies in the practical use of this art
in modern self defense as well as sharing the mental and
physical benefits of Martial Arts.
He will cover an introduction to Kung Fu, the health benefits of
Tai Chi for the mind and body and practical self defense
applications for women from his system.


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