The By-Laws of IWC Joburg SA


In general, procedure will be according to Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise directed in the Constitution or By-Laws of the Club. (For referral Robert’s Rules of Order are on file with the Board.)


(Article IV of the Constitution; see also By-law 6)

  • a. The manner of elections will be as follows:
    • i. The President will appoint a nominating committee, which shall consist of at least three members.
    • ii. Any Club member can make a nomination to any Board member before the Annual General Meeting in October.
    • iii. At the September General Meeting, the nominating committee, with the approval of the Board, will present a list of current Board members who are eligible and willing to stand for re-election.
    • iv. At the Annual General Meeting in October, the nominating committee, with the approval of the Board, will present a panel of proposed new Board members to be elected.
    • v. Before voting can take place, an opportunity shall be given for nominations from the floor. Nominations must be seconded. Nominations shall not be made for a member who is absent from the meeting, unless the relevant member has given her written consent to being nominated.
    • vi. Should there be more than one nominee for a position, a ballot will be held.
    • vii. The Presidential nominee shall have experience on the Board prior to election.
  • b. After a quorum is ascertained, voting will proceed. In the case of more than one nominee for a Board position, voting will proceed for that position by secret ballot.
  • c. A Board member may serve three consecutive elected terms. A member may complete a vacant position for a portion of a year and then serve three consecutive elected terms. The President may only serve one elected term, but will be eligible for re-election as President, for one further elected term, once a period of three years has passed since she retired from the position as President.
  • d. The Board may appoint up to two co-opted members per year, if and when this additional assistance is deemed to be necessary.



(Article V of the Constitution)

  • a. The Board will meet prior to each General Meeting of the Club.
  • b. The Board will advise on appointments when Board vacancies occur.
  • c. The Board will attend both Board and General Meetings.



(Article IV of the Constitution)

    • i. The President will preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board. The President will appoint chairpersons of special committees when necessary and may cast a vote in the case of equal number of votes.
    • ii. The President shall keep a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • i. The First Vice President will act as President of the Club in the absence of the President.
ii. The First Vice President shall serve as Programme Chairperson and in this capacity, arrange, introduce and thank the speaker at the General Meetings.
    • i. The Second Vice President will assist the First Vice President in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence.
ii. The Second Vice President will act as the liaison between the Board and all the Special Interest Groups.
    • i. The Secretary will record the proceedings of all Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting and keep copies of the minutes for five years.
ii. The Secretary will co-ordinate with the President regarding the contents of the minutes and then distribute the minutes of each preceding month’s Board Meeting to all Board members.
    • The Secretary will handle all special correspondence to Club members, as directed by the Board.
    The Assistant Secretary will assist the Secretary in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence.
    • i. The Treasurer will maintain all the Club’s financial records and accept all monies on behalf of the Club as well as disburse monies as directed by the Board.
    • ii. The Treasurer shall keep copies of all Treasury reports for five years.
    • iii. The Treasurer shall have her books for the previous fiscal year ending 31st December examined in February by an accountant registered with a recognised professional body, and the Board shall approve acceptance of these books at the March meeting.
    • iv. The Treasurer will be the Chairperson of the budget committee which must submit a budget for the following year to the Board at the October meeting, so that possible changes in the fee structure can be incorporated in the November Newsletter.
    • v. Upon request the Treasurer will make available the financial statements for inspection by any Club member.
    The Assistant Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in her absence and assist in money collection at the General Meetings.
    Newsletter will be responsible for the publication of a monthly newsletter to be issued at each General Meeting.
    Assistant Newsletter will assist Newsletter in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence. Assistant Newsletter will be responsible for the mailing of newsletters not collected at the General Meetings.

    Activities shall arrange one special activity each month and will publicise an activity for two consecutive months in the Newsletter. She shall take reservations and collect money for each activity and turn said money over to the Treasurer.
Assistant Activities will assist Activities in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence.
    • i. Hospitality shall arrange a welcoming social for new members as required.
    • ii. Hospitality is responsible for organising venue, food and equipment as well as the taking of members’ reservations or cancellations for all General Meetings. She will process the list and labels received from Membership for the entrance tables, or will produce the list and labels, using the up-to-date list of members received from Membership.
    • iii. Hospitality is responsible for the storage of Club equipment.
    Assistant Hospitality wil assist Hospitality in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence.
    • i. Membership shall keep a detailed file of all members of the Club and shall keep a record of payment of dues and turn over dues to the Treasurer.
    • ii. Membership shall make personal contact with each proposed new member as appropriate.
    • iii. Membership will be responsible for preparing and distributing the Membership Directory for the current year, at the April General Meeting, and revising the Membership Directory as needed.
    • iv. Membership will keep Newsletter informed of all new members and their birthdays.
    • v. Membership will give a full list of members and the mailing list printed on labels to Hospitality prior to the General Meeting, or may by prior arrangement email the up-to-date list of members in order to enable Hospitality to prepare the lists and labels.
    Assistant Membership will assist Membership in her duties and shall perform those duties in her absence.
    The Member-at-Large will temporarily assume the duties of absent Board members as required.
When necessary, co-opted members will provide additional assistance.



For ordinary purposes of voting, a quorum shall consist of one-quarter of the Club. For the Board, a quorum shall consist of one-half of the membership of the Board plus one.



  • a. Provided a quorum is available at a meeting, a majority vote is required for passing any general item (see Robert’s Rules of Order, 10th Edition, pages 4 and 387). Abstentions must be deducted from the number of members present before the majority is calculated. The President will not vote except in the case of a deadlock.
  • b. Where confidentiality is desirable, where time is short or where accuracy is required, a ballot will be conducted.
  • c. Counting of a ballot can be done at the meeting or at a later date. There will be at least three tellers, of which one will be a general member. All three tellers must be in agreement with the outcome of the ballot. The ballot papers must be kept for a minimum of three months.
  • d. Non-members shall be asked to leave the meeting until after the vote has been taken.



  • a. Two accounts will be recorded: a cheque account and a money market investment account.
  • b. A minimum balance of ten per cent of the current year’s operating budget should be maintained. The Board will leave this specified minimum balance at the end of the fiscal year.



It is the responsibility of each elected Board member and Special Interest Group Co-ordinator to file a report with the President at the end of her term. A copy of these reports shall be given as reference or guidelines to the incoming Board members and appropriate Special Interest Group Co-ordinator. Each Board member shall have a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.


A Photographic Co-ordinator, who need not be a Board member, will take photographs and receive photographs contributed by other members of the Club, and will keep a photographic record in electronic form.



The task of managing the Website shall be combined with the duties of one of the members of the Board. The Website manager shall have the following job description:

  • a. To liaise with the Webmaster, who shall be an Information Technology specialist.
  • b. To update the Website after each General Meeting of the Club, amending the Next Meeting, Past Meetings and Gallery pages, using information supplied to her by Newsletter and the Photographic co-ordinator.
  • c. To upload the newsletter to the Website just before each General Meeting, after it has been completed by Newsletter.
  • d. To register applicants who wish to obtain access to the online version of the Newsletter, after ascertaining that they are bona fide members of the Club.

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