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There is one thing that is certain in life, and that is that each and every one of us ages a little bit every day. By the time you reach your 50s, you may start developing some aches and pains, and take a handful of pills every day. So what will happen when you are in your 70s and 80s? With the advances in the medical field, people are living longer. Which begs the question, “When I am in my mid-80’s, how will I have aged and how functional will I be?”

Active ageing, the new buzz word in the health and fitness industry, means that you ensure exercise and movement are integral parts of your daily life, especially in your golden years. Research shows that physical activity and exercise rates decrease with age, with older adults achieving the least amount of exercise compared to younger adults. Unfortunately, according to statistics, 1 in 3 older adults over the age of 65 years, and 1 in 2 over the age of 80 fall each year. As well, this inactivity is linked to an increased risk of developing many chronic conditions.

Kim Hauman from Silver Fit will be joining us to explore all of this and more as we unpack what it means to age well and embrace active-ageing. Kim Hauman completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics and Ergonomics and then her honours in Biokinetics. Her passion for exercise in the elderly led her to work in private practice specialising in Older Adult fall prevention and balance training, as well as corrective treatment for orthopaedic and chronic conditions. This bore Silver Fit, a programme created by herself and a colleague, taking her experience in working with the elderly, and using it to develop a primary prevention and active ageing program. She is passionate about helping all older adults learn how to move well, and to find ways to stay strong, fit and healthy.