Meetings / Special Interest Group Activities

  • Sign up at the general meeting for the following month’s meeting, or contact Hospitality to make a reservation by no later than the Wednesday before the meeting, preferably by E-mail or SMS. Where a phone call is necessary, please call on week-days between 08.00 and 19.00 hours.
  • If you are unable to attend a general meeting for which you have booked, please cancel by no later than the Wednesday before the meeting. If you do not cancel you will be billed, as the Club will have to pay for catering.
  • Guests are welcome at the general meetings. Contact Hospitality for bookings. If your guest cannot attend, please cancel by no later than the Wednesday before the meeting, as you will be responsible for payment. Guests may only attend general meetings twice in any one year.
  • Guest participation in the monthly special interest group activities is also restricted to twice in any one year. Guest bookings should be made through the group co-ordinator as advertised in the newsletter. There are no restrictions on the number of times a guest may accompany a member to After Hours activities or Travel arranged tours.
  • Special interest group activities usually require advance payment to guarantee a booking.
  • If you have any suggestions for activities, speakers or events please call the appropriate board member or group co-ordinator, or ‘post’ your suggestion in the suggestion box at the general meeting.


Membership Fees

  • Please pay your fees promptly to ensure continuation of membership. In terms of the Constitution no one nationality shall exceed one third of the total membership. Failure to pay annual fees by the due date may result in loss of your current membership and being placed on the waiting list until the membership nationality ratio allows the board to reinstate your full membership. It is important to advise Membership of any change of personal contact details in order to keep the database up to date.



  • Advertising and/or selling is not allowed at any club meeting or activity, except in exceptional circumstances (eg community services/projects) which have been approved by the board. Members may advertise in the Market Place section of the newsletter, but will be restricted to members’ personal services/businesses only. Use of the Club directory for commercial gain is prohibited.


Bryanston Country Club

  • As paying guests of Bryanston Country Club IWC members should adhere to the following BCC by-laws:
  • Dress code: Smart casual – no jeans
  • Cell ‘phones: Cell ‘phones may only be used in the car park and in the restrooms, and are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the terrace.